Can't find g++ in Software Center


Answer: 1

7 hours ago

I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.10 and I tried to install g++. Unfortunately I did not find it in the Software Center. In the sources list the boxes for universe and main are checked. Any suggestions or hints?

Edit: As said below: I think the problem is that the Software Center needs some time to refresh the software sources. I did nothing and after appr. one hour every was available.

Added by: Erica Bogisich

Answer: 2

24 hours ago

I suggest to install the package build-essential Install build-essential that will bring in the compilers gcc, g++ and other tools for development, like gdb and make.

Added by: Sandrine Schaden

Answer: 3

36 hours ago

You could try this:

sudo apt-get install g++

this will help you install it via the Software Center:

Install via the software center

Added by: Rossie Ruecker

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