Bug 12.10. No reply to the bug report or alternative to submit the report or bug not answered


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18 hours ago

First, I am new to Ubuntu, and then I was getting a recurring error: window titled "crash report" (it's contents are as below). There is Stop sign being shown at the top next to the battery indicator. Then I can't open the software updates and I'm not able to get updates via terminal.I have tried the 'package manager troubleshooting' help but I don't know how exactly it works and hence I am not able to do anything.

The error looks like this:

Executable Path
Problem Type
Core Dump
 (binary data)
Crash Counter
 Fri , Dec 21...

there is a lot description under this and difficult to write but it has something like

Added by: Rylan Wisoky

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12 hours ago

If you have submitted the crash report, you have little options but wait for the developers to read and solve it. They are usually busy folks, but the bug will get a response, either from a real developer or from a robot processing it.

Note that the more likely answer is that the bug is a duplicate.

If you don't want to wait for a solution, you can only try to solve it yourself (if you have enough knowledge) or try to get someone with the knowledge to solve it (either paying or asking nicely once).

If you want better care you can always opt for pay support, but it doesn't come cheap. Please check what some option covers before buying it. If you want a developer ready to solve your bugs are soon as you find them, you will need to pay thousand of dollars/year.

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1 hours ago

Evolution-calender-factory actually is quite buggy, so you are not the only one getting this.

Do you use evolution (a mail client)? If not, feel free to do:

sudo apt-get purge evolution-data-server evolution evolution-indicator evolution-plugins

After the purge, check whether you can run

sudo apt-get update

Oh, by the way, that is a free command :)

I don't think this is a case where paid help is required.

Added by: Alexie Becker

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