Black Screen after installing SageMath


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16 hours ago

This problem happened in my friend's computer, and I'm trying to help him out. He was using Jupyter for coding python, and installed SageMath using sudo apt-get install sagemath. He said that after that, the Jupyter kernel stopped working, so he decided to reboot his computer. The problem is, once he did this, he got a black screen, as shown below: enter image description here

He said he can actually navigate the Ubuntu system, but there is no GUI. Here is another photo:

enter image description here

Answer: 2

3 hours ago

The disk is full. 10% of a disk drive's space is reserved for root, which means that when a typical user program (like GNOME desktop) starts up and tries to create a log file, it can't. Use the du -hxd1 -t 10M command repeatedly to track down what is eating up this space, and delete it.

Added by: Eulah Barton Jr.

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