apt not working, "Unable to fetch some archives" [closed]


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7 hours ago

I was trying to sudo apt install npm but when I tried to, this is what happened:

E: Unable to fetch some archives, try running apt-get update or apt-get --fix-missing.

As well as multiple lines that say something like:

Err:5 http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu zesty/universe amd64 nodejs amd64 4.7.2~dfsg-1ubuntu3
404  Not Found [IP: 80]

When I do sudo apt-get update, it does not work and says that multiple packages cannot be found or that it can not be installed safely.

I have no idea why it does this or how to fix it. I've been digging for hours but nothing seems to work. Any help?

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8 hours ago

As of January 13, 2018 Ubuntu 17.04 has reached end of life.

Now you can replace ca.archive.ubuntu.com and security.ubuntu.com in /etc/apt/sources.list with old-releases.ubuntu.com.

But be aware: With 17.04 you won't get any further security updates now and you might still be vulnerable to Meltdown!

The supported upgrade path from Ubuntu 17.04 is via Ubuntu 17.10. Instructions and caveats for the upgrade may be found at:


Added by: Melba Ankunding

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