Any way to enable dynamic/automatic brightness adjustment?


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36 hours ago

My Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet has a very bright screen (400 nits!), which is good for when objects on the screen are dark (say a night scene in a movie), but it is of course very blinding when objects are bright/white. I find myself continuously changing the brightness when watching a movie/video like this, and it is quite annoying.

Is there any utility available that will automatically change display brightness depending on if objects on screen are bright or dark? I know this is an option built into some desktop monitors (in the form of Dynamic Contrast I believe), but I have not found the same kind of thing for laptops.

To clarify, I would like a utility (or simple script, even) that turns the brightness (as in the backlight) up when the majority of stuff on screen is dark/black, and dims the brightness down when the majority of stuff on screen is bright/white, to take full advantage of this bright screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Added by: Meghan Goldner

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24 hours ago

You could have a look at WildGuppy which will adjust your brightness according to the light it gets from your webcam (not according to your screen content though).


Added by: Ms. Dina Stamm

Answer: 3

9 hours ago

Run this command:

sudo apt install brightness-controller

You will see the brightness controller:

brightness controller

Added by: Clara Bartell

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