Accessing googlecl using python script


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20 hours ago

I am trying to create a python gtk program which uses googlecl tools like listing google calendar appointments, accessing the google blog etc. However I do not know how to call the command in python gtk.

The command for running googlecl in the terminal is

google calendar list --date 2010-12-02

This command would list all the appointments in google calendar on the 2nd of december if entered in the terminal. However I do not know how to make python gtk do the same thing. Any help would be appreciated.

Googlecl is a command line tool released by google to facilate easy management of common tasks like google calendar, google blogger, google docs etc. You can find more info on

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9 hours ago

There's a very good chance (If you're using Python 3) that you'll want to use the Python Subprocess Module which will allow you to make, and collect output from, system calls - like the googlecl command.

If you're using Python < 2.6 (Odds are you aren't since 2.6 is the official version in the repos) Then you'll want to use the Python Commands Module. This is depreciated for the above Subprocess Module and is removed in Python 3.

Added by: Karelle Willms

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