14.04 Not Auto-Mounting External Drives Since Upgrading from 12.04


Answer: 1

10 hours ago

I've upgraded from 12.04 to 14.04 via command-line when my system froze, had to do REISUB and dpkg --configure -a to recover from crash after rebooting.

Now everything seems to work except automatically mounting external thumb drives and external hard disk drives. After plugging in said drives, they fail to show up on the left pane and remains unmounted. I can see the device if I run lsusb and fdisk though, so it's possibly to manually mount it but I'd rather resolve why it's not automatically mounting.

Added by: Macey Hermiston

Answer: 2

29 hours ago

Use Disks utility, select the partition you want to automount and click this enter image description here button, then Edit mount options, turn off auto options then check the Mount on startup box and edit mount point as you like.

enter image description here

Added by: Mr. Don Beahan

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