Google Assistant quick expressions let you skip alarms and calls without saying “Hey Google”

Google Assistant quick expressions let you skip alarms and calls without speaking

Google Now gets a new smart feature called “Quick Phrases” that aims to improve your quality of life. When enabled, Google Now will wait in standby mode to detect voice commands. Quick expressions, you can reject alarms, count down and answer incoming calls without saying the word “Hey Google”.

Discard alarms and calls without saying “Hey Google”

Once available, you can try quick expressions by enabling them in the Assistant settings. From now on, you can use quick expressions to stop or snooze alarms and timers, and to answer or reject incoming calls. Take a look at the new switches for quick expressions, courtesy of the user XDA developers:

helpers quick expressions
File: XDA-Developers

As you can see in the image below, there is a new query that reminds you to simply say the word “Reply” or “Stop” after enabling quick expressions.

helper quick expressions ui xda
File: XDA-Developers

XDA’s Mishaal Rahman spotted that feature on the Pixel 3 XL with the latest Android 12 beta version with Google’s version app. And we checked the Pixel 3 XL with the latest version of Android 12 beta with the beta version of the Google app (that was the last update here), and that feature on my part was not available.

Assistant Quick Expressions: Complete list of commands

According to a separate report from 9to5Google, Google is also working on adding support for quick phrases for many features. However, they appear to be only available on other Google Assistant devices, such as smart screens and smart speakers. You can check out the full list below:

  • Setting the alarm: “Set the alarm for 7 o’clock in the morning”
  • Cancel alarms: “Cancel alarm”
  • Show alarms: “What time is my alarm set?”
  • Send upload: “Send upload”
  • Answer calls: “Answer” and “Reject”
  • Ask about the weather: “What time is it?”
  • Ask about the weather: “What time is it?”
  • Turning the lights on and off: “Turn on the lights”
  • Turn the light on and off: “Increase brightness”
  • Volume control: “Increase volume”
  • Pause and resume music: “Pause music”
  • Skip songs: “Skip this song”
  • Setting the timer: “Set the timer to 2 minutes”
  • Cancel timers: “Cancel timers”
  • Pause and resume timers: “Pause timers”
  • Reset timer: “Reset countdown”
  • Show timers: “How much time is left?”
  • Reminders: “Create a reminder”
  • Family notes: “Make a family note”

So, yes, you will no longer have to shout Hey Google or Ok Google before the to-do list.

Featured image Courtesy: XDA-Developers

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