AMD processors are slower in Windows 11, but here comes a solution

Windows 11 went live this week after just three months of public testing with Windows Insiders. While the operating system started with some known problems, it seems that one may have slipped indefinitely. AMD has confirmed that its processors are adversely affected by the Windows 11 upgrade, resulting in reduced performance in some cases. Fortunately, the resolutions are already on the way.

AMD points out two separate problems with its processors and Windows 11. The first has to do with the lag of L3 cache in its processors, which can be up to three times higher in Windows 11. This will greatly affect performance in applications that may depend on the access time to the memory subsystem, including some fast-paced esports titles. AMD says the odds can be up to 15% on very specific games, but overall the impact on the odds is between 3% and 5%.

That’s why AMD says a fix is ​​coming as a Windows 11 update later this month, most likely with next week’s Patch Tuesday updates. This will be the first cumulative update for Windows 11 since its general availability, so we should see a lot of bug fixes coming out alongside it.

The other issue has to do with the “preferred kernel” function in UEFI systems that does not schedule tasks for the fastest available kernel in a given scenario. This could affect the performance of applications that rely primarily on one or more cores, as multi-threaded operations would use all available cores anyway. Therefore, the impact on performance may be more significant in processors with a high number of cores and threads, particularly those with a TDP of 65W or higher. AMD does not explicitly say how big the impact on performance can be.

Regardless, there is a solution to this problem. AMD says it will arrive through a “software update” rather than a Windows update, so it may come in the form of a new driver version for Windows 11. This fix is ​​also expected sometime this month.

Windows 11 is being released gradually and probably many users have not upgraded yet, so this should not be a huge issue. It is not uncommon for problems to arise after major new updates like this and at least one fix is ​​coming relatively quickly. We’ve also heard of a virtualization-based security issue that could affect the performance of the game, which is currently being investigated by Microsoft. If you have not already done so, read your Windows 11 review to see why we recommend upgrading to anyone using Windows 10.

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