You can now purchase Google’s new Nest Cam interior

Google announced a number of new products in its Nest line earlier this year, including a wireless doorbell, Nest Cam, Nest Cam (battery) and Nest Cam with headlights. While Nest Cam (battery) and Nest Doorbell (battery) were released shortly after the announcement, Google did not share a specific timeline for the other two Nest cameras. Two months after the announcement, you can now finally buy the new Nest Cam and Nest Cam headlights.

In a recent blog post, Google announced that the second-generation Nest Cam wires and the Nest Cam projector are available for purchase in a variety of colors starting today. The second generation model without headlight is intended for indoor use and is designed to be stored on a table base or mounted on a wall, so it even has a new variant with a wooden base that combines with your furniture.

Nested wired cam in many colors

The Nest Cam with a projector is just a second generation wired Nest Cam with lights on both sides to illuminate the environment. The camera is accompanied by 2,400 lumen projectors on both sides, which makes it a great purchase for your patio or patio. The lights have an IP65 rating, while the camera has a slightly lower IP54 rating.

Nest Cam with projector

The main feature of the Nest Cam with headlights is that it uses the intelligence in the device to detect people, pets and vehicles to turn on the light instead of using a single motion sensor. It is mainly for areas where you want the light to turn on automatically when someone passes by. Both cameras can store local footage for up to an hour, which, according to Google, is enough for a week.

The second generation wired Nest Cam starts at $ 99.99, while the Nest Cam with projector will return you $ 279.99. For more information about the cameras, see our previous coverage.

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