You don’t have to break an arm and a leg to get a great phone these days, and Samsung’s Galaxy A series is proof of that. With some incredible devices at affordable prices, getting some of the best features out of the Galaxy S21 for a fraction of the cost is easy. In June, Samsung’s Galaxy A52 dropped to just $ 400, a bargain for its 120Hz display. If you missed it, you have another chance: it’s back at that all-time low price again.

Series A is chock full of phones, so if you’ve forgotten what makes this device so special, we’ll update you. The A52 isn’t overlooked, with a Snapdragon 750G, 6GB of RAM and a huge 4,500mAh battery, but what makes it unique, especially at this price, is its 6.5 “OLED display at 120Hz. Even though it’s limited to 1080p, it’s hard to find phones with a high refresh rate without breaking the bank.Diamine, Apple just released its first 120Hz capable smartphones and you could buy two for less than a single iPhone 13. Pro.

Even at $ 400, you’ll still get a premium experience from Samsung. Three years of OS updates are best with Android, and four years of security patches mean this purchase can take you quite far. This deal remains one of the best smartphone prices we’ve seen this year, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate. Get yours using the link below.