Google Keep’s alternative bundled notes are getting serious with image and file attachments

There are many note-taking apps for Android, but bundled notes are arguably among the sleekest and most beautiful options. The Android and web-only service rolled out of beta last year, and while it nailed the note and to-do lists right from the start, there were some things people were missing a lot. To combat this, Bundled Notes 2.0 has just been released with loads of bug fixes, improvements, and finally, support for image and file attachments, as well as advanced URL previews.

Left: Adding image attachments. Center and right: Different views for note packs with rich previews.

In the past, bundled notes only supported markdown text in its notes, but this is changing with version 2.0. The app now also works with images and attached files in notes and automatically creates rich previews for URLs. Basically, you’ll start noticing rich link previews in notes you’ve already created after the update, and there’s a new button for attachments in notes that will allow you to add almost any file you can think of. For everything you attach, you can also add a description to make it easier to find in Bundle Notes’ integrated file management.

Management of bundled notes files, separate from notes.

At the moment, Bundle Notes offers only rudimentary options for interacting with file and image attachments. PDF files and other documents cannot be viewed directly within the app, but must be downloaded to use them. Images can be viewed, but there are no annotation tools or options for renaming files – all of which must be done on your device in another app as well. However, since implementing attachments isn’t a rudimentary task, having the ability to add files in the first place is a great accomplishment. For comparison, while Google Keep offers annotation options for images, you can’t add any other files to its notes. Unlike Keep, Notes Bundle also offers a centralized place to view and delete all uploaded files on the home screen.

Rich previews in the web app.

Free users will be limited to 150MB of files and images per account and 20MB per file while paid users will receive up to 10GB in total and 200MB per file (note that the screenshots in this article show a storage quota of 5 GB because the beta limitation was different). The change is reflected in both the Android app and the web app.

Bundled Notes 2.0

  • Added cross-platform support for advanced attachments + content, including images, files, and advanced URL previews
  • Rich content can be added to a note as an attachment or directly to a package as a single attachment (tagged, as if it were an entry)
  • Storage overview to view and manage all uploaded content
  • The descriptions of the attachments can be changed for better organization
  • Thumbnails of image URLs automatically appear as image attachments
  • Alphabetical sorting takes into account previews of advanced links and file names
  • Rich links are automatically detected from the note content
  • Attachments can be reordered within a note to highlight the main attachments
  • No storage permissions required (as the app only uses strict file system APIs)
  • 10GB of account storage + 200MB per file limit for Pro users
  • 150MB of account storage + 20MB per file limit for free users
  • Web app parity in the same week of launch (some features coming a few days after Android launch)
  • Several changes to the user interface to adapt to the functionality of the attachments
  • Redesigned menus
  • Lots of bug fixes / minor UI changes

For future releases, the developer promises smaller incremental quality of life updates that revolve around reminders, archiving, further enhancements to the attachment system, and new web app features. IOS app and desktop app are planned, but a lot further away.

The basic version of Bundle Notes is free, but there are limitations. You can only access the Android app, not the web app, and you’re limited to 6 bundles (think note folders) with 400 notes each. To access the web app, unlimited notes and packages, and more file storage, you need to subscribe for a monthly or annual fee of $ 1.89 or $ 17.99, respectively (prices vary by region) – quite competitive compared to Evernote, Notion and co.

For an overview of what bundled notes can do and what makes them special, check out our initial beta and coverage of version 1.0.

Bundled Notes - Notes, Lists, To-dos, Reminders
Bundled Notes - Notes, Lists, To-dos, Reminders

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