JetBrains launches Kotlin Basics, a free introductory course at Kotlin

Back in 2019, JetBrains started the Academy program. The Academy allows anyone who wants to learn a language to do so through guided courses and projects, with integration into JetBrains IDEs. For example, JetBrains advertises courses on over 400 topics related to Java programming. In general, full JetBrains Academy courses cost money, while beta courses are free. Today, however, JetBrains is launching Kotlin Basics.

Kotlin basics

Kotlin Basics is a completely free JetBrains Academy course. As the name implies, this lesson is about getting people started in Cottlin. But these are not just two lessons on how to print text and get information. Instead, JetBrains says it will have over 90 topics, 10 projects and over 300 challenges.

Seeing that the full Java course has over 400 topics and the Kotlin Developer course has 187 topics, 90 is enough. JetBrains says the entire Kotlin Basics course will last about 10 weeks, with five hours being spent each week.

Again, Kotlin Basics is completely free. If you are new to Kotlin (or programming in general), this is the lesson for you. If you have already downloaded the basics, you can also try the paid Kotlin Developer courses.

JetBrains Academy

In case you are not interested in Java and Kotlin, JetBrains also offers courses in Python and JavaScript. JavaScript is also currently in beta, which means it is free to use.

Otherwise, if you are interested in paid courses, the Academy costs $ 49.90 / month or $ 249.00 / year. If you are a student at a suitable school, you can get the JetBrains Academy with a 50% discount.


Kotlin Basics is a very exciting addition to the JetBrains Academy. This is obviously a completely personal point of view, but I think Kotlin is a great language and it’s nice to see an easy opportunity to learn it, directly from JetBrains.

If you are interested in trying out Kotlin Basics or any of the other Academy courses, please refer to the JetBrains Academy website. You will find more details about what is available and how it all works, as well as how you can register.

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