It was just last week that Google announced an updated range of Nest security cameras in the US and we’re already seeing signs of at least one of those cameras coming to India. A Google Store listing of the new battery-powered Nest Cam provides this detail along with an indication that the Nest Aware subscription service may also arrive in India along with the camera.

Outside of the relabelled home speakers, this Nest Cam would be the first Nest-branded product to launch in the South Asian country. Its listing on the Google Store is already active with a tag coming, along with dedicated pages for Nest Aware and other camera accessories. The Nest Aware page, in particular, gives very few details on extending the location for the subscription service, but it confirms the two tiers (Nest Aware and Nest Aware Plus) that we are already aware of.

This Nest Cam model will sell for $ 180 in the US, equivalent to around ₹ 13,400, but actual Indian prices are likely to be much higher after taking import and other taxes into account. A premium product like this makes little sense for the Indian market, especially as a debut device, and that’s not counting the Nest Aware subscription, which starts at $ 60 per year in the US.

As for availability, Google hasn’t mentioned a clear history in any of these lists. But given that the search giant usually holds its annual Google event for India this time of year, the release shouldn’t be too far off. Fingers crossed that the Chromecast with Google TV will also arrive in India.