Google is doing everything it can to improve YouTube Music and bring it out of the shadow of its predecessor by adding new features and tweaking existing ones. Now Google is testing a library tab to help you find the music you’re looking for, but there’s a limit to how useful it can be in its current form.

Reddit user PeepAndCreep noticed the new tab, and after typing in your search query, accessing it will display all relevant results from your library. Unfortunately it only shows the music from the streaming side of YouTube Music. Uploaded items will not appear here, which will severely limit its usefulness for many users.

If you tap an artist from here, it will take you to the “in my library” page for that artist, while tapping an album will show it in its entirety, even if you only have one or two tracks saved.

Official YouTube Music playlists, playlists created by other users, and collaborative playlists that you haven’t created yourself won’t appear in this tab either. This strikes me as a significant oversight. My wife and I have several collaborative playlists, and the fact that the search filter only shows them for one of us is frustrating.

This appears to be just a server-side test at the moment, so hopefully Google will further improve the experience before rolling it out widely to more users.

New Downloads tab

In addition to the Library tab seen in the server-side preview above, at least one user on Reddit has spotted a “Downloads” tab in YT Music’s search interface. Interestingly, this appears to replace the Library tab for the JettyMarc11 Reddit poster (found by 9to5Google).

Neither download nor library search filters are widely available to general users yet. This looks like another test, so don’t hope too high.