There are plenty of great mid-range Chromebooks up for grabs these days, but manufacturers haven’t forgotten to focus on more affordable laptops. Chrome OS is perfect for gadgets under $ 400, and you can finally add another option to the list. Samsung’s new Galaxy Chromebook Go is now available for purchase and will cost you just $ 300.

We first heard about the Galaxy Chromebook after it appeared without much fanfare on Samsung’s website last month. Despite the lack of a press release, we’ve learned all about the design and specs. With an Intel Celeron N4500 processor, a 14 “768p display and 4GB of RAM, it’s a decidedly low-end product. That said, its black and white color scheme is undoubtedly eye-catching.

While pricing or availability wasn’t detailed last month, patience paid off – it’s now on sale for just $ 299 (via About Chromebooks). That price seems suitable for a laptop with these specs, just above Samsung’s Chromebook 4. It lacks the 1080p display included in the Chromebook 4+, although some may appreciate the portability over the raw resolution.

The initial spec sheet for the Go listed several variations, including one with 8GB of RAM. Unfortunately, it appears that only the version with 32GB of storage and 4GB of RAM is available at the moment. Likewise, the LTE iteration is yet to appear. If you’re looking for a sleek-looking budget Chromebook, Samsung’s latest offering might be the perfect fit. Get yours using the link below.